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Filled Requests, Part 2, pages 1-5

Work in progress ♥

Kanji/The Doctor, crossover |
I Fucking Hate Rose
Souji/Yosuke, the second "Miss" Yasogami High contest | Lacy Unmentionables
Dojima/Adachi, something involving neck ties | Sex!Ties
, non-con | Lay Me To Sleep and art fill
Kashiwagi's Shadow dungeon | Untitled
Yukiko/Yosuke/MC | Better Than This

Souji/Yosuke, experimentation | Untitled
Chie/Yosuke, awesome angry sex | Untitled
Naoto/Kanji, Kanji finds out Naoto's secret after they fool around | Boys and Girls
Naoto/Kanji, ten to twenty years postgame | Fortune's Emperor and Small Steps
Souji/Rise, post game | Untitled
Chie/Yukiko, sleepy fluff based off fanart | Morning To Ourselves
Ensemble, Dojima and Adachi adopt Souji | One Big Happy Family
Margaret/Jerk!Souji, making him her bitch | Untitled
Yosuke/Naoto, no kink given | Enclosure
Yosuke, Guitar Hero | Guitar Queer-o
Dojima/Souji, hurt-comfort | It Wears You Down

Adachi, what makes him happy? | Dojima/Adachi/Cabbage
Yukiko/Chie, one-on-one King's Game | Let the Princess Win
Kanji/Naoto, post-game, morning sickness, mood swings | Expecting
Souji/Yosuke, Yosuke blocks out Shadows with his headphones, until they fail |
Untitled and Hears the Silence So Loud
Souji, weight gain | The Portal
Adachi/Saki, noncon | The Third Degree
Nanako, finds out you ate her pudding | Hell Hath No Fury and
Like a Nanako who just wants her pudding
Nanako, budding yandere princess |
You only wish it was a typical first date
Scooby Gang, visiting Inaba | The Mystery Of The Haunted Historical Inn

Yosuke/Chie, deathfic | Rice and Shrimp
Yukiko/Ashe from FF12, who's the bigger princess | Untitled
Naoto/Rise, Naoto tops with a strap-on | Lost Boy
Nanako, AU where she's the protagonist | A bunch of fills at [info]badbadturnabout 
Souji/Yosuke, Souji catches Yosuke jerking off in his room | Tales of Payback
Chie/Yukiko, re-emergence of Shadow thoughts |
Yukiko, she loves heavy metal | I Like My Coffee Black, Just Like My Metal


Ensemble, singing a song from Mulan (Naoto is Mulan) |
Girl Worth...Fighting For...?
Souji/Yosuke, find Chie's impromptu smut | My Boyfriend Is A Mafia Boss
Ensemble, jizzing in their pants SNL style | JIZZ IN MY PANTS
Ensemble, everyone's persona is Mara | SUDDENLY, WANG WAGONS, THOUSANDS OF THEM.
Adachi/Dojima, unrequited, one-sided Adachi | Damaged
Souji/Naoto, Souji's Shadow Dungeon |
You taste better in melted Milk Chocolate
Yukiko/Chie, metafic on inflation thread | That crash you just heard was the fourth wall.
Yukiko/Chie, inflation |
How Did That Gum Clear the MHLW?
Souji/Yosuke, Souji writes erotic fiction to raise stats | A letter to the editor
Souji/Yosuke, makeshift bondage |
Fine Lines
Yosuke/Chie, Chie and Rise and Yukiko are magical girls | The Personae Trio

Ensemble, Cell Block Tango | The Six Delightful Delinquents of the Yasogami High Detention Room
Naoto, looking for support after rape | What are Friends For? (unfinished)
Yukiko/Chie, having *that* kind of fun in class |
Busy Hands
Naoto/Souji, cops and robbers roleplay |
Freeze and Second Prize
Ensemble, the boys make it to the girls' room at the hot springs |



Scoring hot studs ♥
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