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Unfilled Requests, Part 1, pages 1-5

Starting to post unfilled prompts.
Sorry the posts are now a bit out of order ♥ I can backdate them if required


Chie/Yukiko/Main/The People's Republic of China/Unilingual/Choosing the wrong hotel movie: here
ShadowKanji/Kanji dubcon: here
Rise/Naoto, lessons, Naoto bottoming: here
Minato/Naoto, Persona 3 crossover, cake: here


Souji/Any male, blowjobs, and underwear: here
Yosuke/Souji, rough sex and blood: here
Mara/Belphegor, no kink given: here
Minato/Naoto, no kink given: here
Chie/Souji, Chie is futanari and Teddie is watching: here
Ensemble, investigation team orgy in battle under Kunino-Sagiri's Control: here
Izanagi/Souji, no kink given: here
Souji/Yosuke, hand jobs: here
Shadow!Kanji/Souji/Shadow!Yukiko, threesome in that order: here


Kou/Daisuke/Chie, locker room sex: here
Kanji/Yosuke, Yosuke as uke, handjobs and anal: here
Souji/Yukiko/Kanji, Souji and Yukiko help Kanji figure things out: here
Shadow!Yukiko/Adachi, considering the ending: here
Souji/Rise, blowjobs and Rise tops: here
Souji/Yukiko, sex in public: here
Human!Teddie/Aigis, no kink given: here
Souji/Chie, Chie wants his meat down at the riverbank: here
Dojima/Souji, consensual and post Rank 10 S-Link: here
Kanji/Teddie, no kink given: here
Boys/Ms Kashiwagi, during hot springs event with Hanako watching: here
Mara, raping Rise/Yukiko/
Chihiro/Yumi, while Chie makes out with Teddie: here


Adachi/Namatame, dub-con, creepy mindfucks: here
Souji/Rise, first time during Christmas Eve event: here
Rise/Naoto, Rise makes Naoto wear a bikini: here
Shadow!Yosuke/Yosuke, Yosuke's wearing his pageant outfit: here
NaotoxYosuke, Yosuke buys her a bikini: here
Yosuke/Rise, after her rescue: here
Naoto/Rise, Naoto's gender issues, anal: here
Souji/Yosuke, erotic sobbing: here
Souji/Yosuke, humiliation involving cross-dressing: here
Souji/Afro guy, dirty riddles: here
Rise/Naoto/Kanji, Rise and Naoto take turns pleasing him: here
Yousuke/Kou/Nanako/Junes/Homework, wtf: here
Souji/Yumi, in the drama room: here


Souji/Yukiko/Rise, Souji tops them both: here
Inuyasha, crossover: here
Bebe/Kanji, Home Ec room with bondage, feathers, ribbons: here
Hanako/Ms Kashiwagi, kink is food, hot springs event: here
Souji/Kanji, luchadora masks: here
Margaret/Souji, Margaret pwns the other eight girls he's dating and then him: here
Souji/bunch of people, fluff: here
Chie/Souji, wearing each other's underwear: here
Rise/Naoto, Rise uses her to get attention from the boys: here
Rise/anyone, she's a total prude: here
Dojima/Adachi, spanking: here
Rise/Souji, public sex, Rise tops: here
Souji/Yumi, comfort sex in the hospital: here


Scoring hot studs ♥
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