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Filled Requests, Part 2, pages 21-25


Kanji/Naoto, Kanji giving Naoto oral | Haze
Kou/Souji/Yosuke, threesome | Art fill
Ensemble, Souji has to deal with all the girls PMSing at once | Pre-Maniac Syndrome
Souji/Naoto, a blizzard hits Inaba | Art fill
Souji/Yosuke, Yosuke tests how submissive Souji is | Catch Me When I Fall..., and comic fill
Yukiko/Chie, Yukiko is fricking crazy | Untitled
Kanji/Yosuke, scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin | You Know How I Know You're Gay?


Dojima/Adachi, Adachi is his bitch | The Bitch
Kanji/Naoto, just after the beauty pageant | Making Kanji A Man
Kanji/Naoto, Naoto takes care of a sick Kanji | Fixing a cold
Kanji/Naoto, Shadow!Kanji resurfaces | Hidden
Rise, Yosuke, having a postgame picnic | Picnic Times: Rise and Yosuke
Teddie, Nanako, having a postgame picnic | Picnic Times: Nanako and Teddie
Kanji/Naoto, Kanji's S-Link, but with Naoto taking Souji's place | Emperor (incomplete)
Souji/Kanji, angst because they can't marry | Lackluster
Souji/Yosuke, angst because they can't marry | Pensive
Souji/Yosuke, adult relationship angst | Standstill
Yukiko/Chie, epic Yukiko topping | Red


Rise/Naoto/Kanji, Rise's solution to her and Kanji both liking Naoto | Better Than Two


Fox, Souji, Fox is Samuel L Jackson level badass | Snakes in a Shrine
Souji/Yosuke, they go to college but don't recognize each other | Replacement Magician
Souji/Yosuke, Yosuke calls out Saki's name during sex | Tranquilize
Adachi/Cabbage, they break up :-( |


Souji, he has MPD | Untitled (unfinished)
Kanji/Naoto, Kanji fails to save her during super-bad Christmas ending | Untitled and Untitled and  How could this happen?
Souji, Adachi/Yosuke, non-con, Adachi makes good on a prior threat (sequel to Untitled) | Out of Reach and art fill and another art fill (may be more in thread)


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