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Filled Requests, Part 2, pages 16-20


Kanji, the aftermath of failing to rescue Naoto | Alternatives: October
Namatame and Nanako, final days if they aren't rescued in time | Untitled
Running!Boy/Kou, sex before everyone arrives at school | Untitled
Souji/Yosuke, mpreg, Yosuke is the father | Yosuke, I'm Pregnant
Souji/Yosuke, White Day | Untitled
Souji/Man!Harem, he abuses the Control ability something fierce | Control


Dogima/Obese!Yosuke, a tribute to sasuke1996 | recaptcha: remarkable
Ensemble, AU where Inaba is like a Silent Hill ghost-town | Thanks for the Memories of this eternal hell hole
Kanji/Naoto, conversing online | "Distance" Relationships
Ensemble, how each character deals with their Persona outside of battle | Internal Echoes
Souji/Yosuke, Souji runs himself ragged in a dungeon, Yosuke helps | Times of Need
Souji and Nanako, fluff | Signs of Love
Ensemble, the team's Shadows take them over and Souji has to deal | Untitled and Untitled (both incomplete)
Yosuke/Souji, Yosuke is flirty and makes Souji squirm | Comic fill
Rise/Kou, Rise knows kung-fu | That Bitch Was Kung-Fu-Flirting
Souji/Yosuke, fighting and shouting | Taking Hits and 3rd, December (scroll down thread)
Kanji/Naoto, Naoto has nightmares and Kanji tries to help | Untitled
Adachi/Cabbage, their first time | Untitled


Kanji/Naoto, Kanji finds angry, cursing Naoto hot | Untitled
Shadow!Yosuke/Yosuke, Yosuke's Shadow molests him and Souji's useless | Loving Myself
Hanako/Souji, something that isn't Yosuke/Souji | Be careful what you wish for
Naoto/Rise, a bit like Pinky and the Brain | Cute Without the E, Cut From the Team
Souji/Yosuke, Adachi forces them to have sex | Vertebrae by Vertebrae
Chie/Yukiko, as Himeko/Chikane in the scene with the tanto | A Fan Is Worse


Kanji/Naoto, bedtime stories for their kids | Sleeping Beauty
Kanji/Naoto, anal (Naoto loves it) | Untitled
Souji and Jack Frost, fluff | Give me Raiho! Or give me Death!
Minato and Jack Frost, angsty fluff | Wan Colored Walls
Nanako and Souji, December angst | On Deaf Ears and It's Funny How You Just Break Down
Adachi, meeting his Shadow | The Mirror Has Three Faces
Ensemble, Souji needs to wind down so gets baked | Potsona (incomplete)


Kanji/Naoto, Naoto pegging Kanji | Go With The Flow
Ken/Nanako, the team find out his past | Rush Back
Ensemble, Nanako's wedding day | Forevermore
Yosuke/Souji, Yosuke tops the hell out of him | The Art of Dismay
Kashiwagi/Toriumi, cybersex crack | Untitled
Souji/Yosuke, Yosuke listens to bad American pop music | Dancing Queen



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