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Filled Requests, Part 2, pages 11-15

Work in progress ♥


Ensemble, tentacle rape | Tentacle Rape Isn't Funny
Souji/Izanami, based on fanart | short fill, much mythology
Souji/Kanji, hurt-comfort in the hospital when Nanako is hurt | A Memory to Keep
Kanji/Naoto, Kanji goes to dinner at Naoto's house | Dinner And The Art Of First Impressions
Kanji/Naoto, the love confession | Over Analyzing
Kanji/Naoto and Adachi/Naoto, Naoto forced to have sex with Adachi to protect Kanji | Voiceless
Souji/Yosuke, Souji falls in battle and body is returned to real world | Turn Away and Reach Out (sequel) and Eternity's Passing
Yosuke/Chie, angst, he's verbally abusive during sex | Agency
Yosuke/Chie, everything goes wrong at their wedding | Tape 18: Shirogane, N. and Something Old; Something New (unfinished)
Souji/Jesus, Jesus is his new Persona | Jesus Saves (and takes half damage)


Souji/Yosuke, memory loss | Memories Lost
Ensemble, Persona 4 Ranma 1/2 style | Tumultuous Hourglasses (unfinished)
Dojima/Adachi, Dojima cuts Adachi's hair | YOU ARE NOT TSENG ADACHI!
Ensemble, not a prompt fill? | The Birds and The Bees
Yosuke/Chie, first time handjob | First Time For Everything


Kanji/Rise/Naoto, with genderswapped Kanji | Ch-Ch-Changes
Nanako/Souji, ten years after game she has a crush on him | More Than Just Family and Staying Over For The Week
Souji / Human!Izanagi, Izanagi joins his school | Presents For Persona and followup Present For My Master
Yosuke/Chie, at a corporate retreat | Untitled
Yosuke, Japanese mythology where he is his Persona | His Swift Impetuous Male Yosukeness
Shadow!Yosuke/Chie, rape while Yosuke watches | Helpless
Yukiko, Souji, Yosuke, based on fanart of Chie/Yukiko making out | Untitled
Adachi/everyone, as written by Adachi | Tohru Adachi, Super Genius


Kanji/Naoto, Naoto forgot Kanji's Birthday so she screws him silly | Best. Birthday. Ever
Ensemble, Naoto puts secret cameras all over Inaba | Inaba Shopping District, Camera 3 and Yasogami High School, Camera 5
Yakushiji and Naoto, no other requirements | I'm Sorry, Naoto-chan
Souji/Spiders in his hair, tragic love story | Souji's Web
Kanji/Naoto, Naoto catches him masturbating and joins in | Masturbating Kanji
Kanji/Naoto, hurt-comfort, requested follow-up to Voiceless | Least Resistance
Ensemble, FML Persona 4 style | Many fills in one thread
Yosuke/Chie, AU where he is prince and she is his slave | Once Upon A Time (unfinished)


Yosuke/Chie, making a sex tape | Untitled
Meta!Fic, how is babby formed | Untitled
Adachi/Nanako, make it horrible | Extra Ordinary (scroll down thread)
Souji/Yosuke, Shadow!Yosuke rapes Souji and Yosuke watches | Unbreakable
Ensemble, AU where Nanako is the killer | Another Side Of The Mirror (unfinished)
Dojima/Maid!Adachi, Adachi gets out of prison and needs a new job | Freedom In Uniform (unfinished)
Ensemble, team tries to bring Yosuke and Souji together | The Things We Fangirls Go Through For Love (unfinished)


Scoring hot studs ♥
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