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Filled Requests, Part 1, pages 31-35


Dojima/Chisato, no kink given | Dojima/Chisato
Teddie, "how is babby formed" | How Is Taddy Formed? and Yahoo Answers Mockup
Kanji/Rise and Kanji/Naoto, Rise makes Kanji/Naoto happen | The Twelve-Month Itch (scroll down)
Kanji, Naoto/Souji, Kanji is jealous |
Love Doesn't Come with a Plan
Yosuke/Chie, dorm room bed | Dorm Life


MarilynMonroe!Kanji/Detective!Naoto, old-school detective story | The Case of the Penguin Animal Cracker
Ensemble, how the team spent Christmas Eve | Seven People Who Got Laid At Christmas (And Two Who Baked A Cake) (scroll down thread)
Souji/Yosuke, Yosuke's last words as he takes the Thousand Curses blow for Souji | Sweet and Short Final Whispers and
Before the Darkness
Ensemble, P4 characters discover the Midnight Hour | Untitled
Dojima/Souji, Souji comforts Dojima after Nanako's death |
Precious and options you can handle
Yosuke/Chie, Chie eats steak suggestively | Like Butter
SoujixYousuke and MinatoxJunpei, Yosuke and Junpei argue over which MC is more badass | Blueberries are so bad ass
Bella from Twlight, HER SHADOW DUNGEON | Shadowlight and Untitled
Souji, The Fresh Prince Of Inaba | Theme song
Souji/Yukiko, in the rain, no original prompt? | Downpour


Kou/Daisuke, culture festival play |
Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet: Tragedy-TripleDecker
Souji, as a hit-and-run victim | The Fragility of Normalcy and The Path Has Opened
Misfire fic, "It's what this meme has needed for a good while" | Untitled
Souji, going back in time a week after failing to save someone | Untitled
Chie, accidentally handing in porn as homework |
Worse Then Showing Up For Class Naked
Yukiko/Chie, Yukiko plays mindgames | Untitled
Souji/Naoto and Kanji/Naoto, character death |
For Senpai
Souji/Yosuke, Yosuke confesses love on the day Souji leaves town | Breaking Up is Hard To Do
Ken/Nanako, P3 crossover, fluff | Untitled
Adachi, what was the "mistake" that got him transferred to Inaba? |
Second Time's The Charm and Untitled
Kanji/Naoto, Kanji serenades Naoto at police station and she returns the favour | Two fills in one thread


Souji/Yosuke/Naoto, Souji and Yosuke punish Naoto for watching them | Untitled
Minato, P3 crossover, his Shadow dungeon with Ryoji as his Shadow | One Knife Cutting and The Spiral Staircase (scroll down)
Souji and Nanako,building a robot together |
Nanako's Robot
Souji/Yosuke, angst, non-con | Untitled
bear pile on the enemy on a very small Shadow | Smile, everyone, smile and Keep on smilin'
Adachi, tentacle porn | Art fill
Souji/Yosuke, Valentine's Day angsty fluff | Untitled and a comic


Adachi/Nanako, Stockholm Syndrome | Untitled


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