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Hello studs ♥

Welcome to my castle ♥♥

Below are links to all fics in part one of the badbadbathhouse Persona 4 kink meme, split into groups of five pages.

Be warned, there are major spoilers within! Nothing is whited out.

There are probably some incorrect links here and there, and some missed fills. Anonymous commenting is on, so please correct my mistakes ♥

[UPDATE: Part two is being indexed, using the information provided by the fabulous marukyurevue ]

update! now at del.icio.us

Because tagged searches are so terribly useful ♥♥

badbadbathhouse @ delicious

All future updates will go there~

Includes filled and unfilled prompts. Currently the index runs up to page 17 of Part 1, but the rest will be indexed over time ♥

Unfilled Requests, Part 1, pages 1-5

Starting to post unfilled prompts.
Sorry the posts are now a bit out of order ♥ I can backdate them if required

Under the cut...Collapse )